Thursday, April 6, 2017

Three Positions Available at Naperville Bridge School

There are 3 job opportunities available at the Naperville Bridge School, an alternative school in Woodbridge, Illinois. They are looking for 2 full-time SPED teachers and 1 part-time School Social Worker.  

Email Stacey Griffith at for more information.

Summer Teaching Positions Available with the Institute of Reading Development

There is one last chance to apply for open teaching positions with the Institute of Reading Development:

Click here to apply!

These positions are exceptional opportunities to gain valuable teacher training and experience, and to earn money over the summer.

Summer Teaching Positions Available:
  • Teach Reading to Students of All Ages This Summer
  •  Earn more than $6,000 during the summer. Teachers typically earn between $550 and $700 per week while teaching.
  •  Gain over 150 hours of paid teacher-training
  •  Earn over 400 hours of teaching experience with a variety of age groups.
  •  Help students of all ages develop their reading skills and ability to become imaginatively absorbed in books.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Early Childhood Teaching Opportunities

Chicago Commons has full-time teaching opportunities for Roosevelt students with early childhood teaching credentials. For more information, contact:

Juanita Esparza
Chicago Commons